Center Affiliate Working Nonviolence Against Taliban

Sayed Jalal

Sayed Jalal from Kabul, Afghanistan, completed Level I Nonviolence Training last summer, 2014 at the Summer Institute. He is putting his training to good use in his war-torn home community.

The following is a correspondence we received from him on February 23, 2015:

“Well to be honest things are very slow at my end, but given the current situation the slowness is not a problem as long as it is moving. But despite moving inch by inch we are expending, since I came back from the States last June, we have started collaborating with people working in rural areas. As a result we were able to find our foothold in most politically sensitive areas.

However the prolonging election results culminated in government losing control to insurgents (The Taliban) in most of upper Laghman and Nooristan. We were frequently visiting local Shuras and providing them necessary assistance through our organization (Youth Relation Centre) in peace negotiations between local communities. The situation got really worst when we were threaten by the Taliban. At first we didn’t take it seriously but after they killed a Government employee  and issued a formal letter, that compelled us to adopt defensive measure.

I feel it’s good to give you a glance of reality in our part of the world.”