Center Welcomes King Vincent of Cameroon

King of Cameroon (1)
His Majesty TCHOUA KEMAJOU VINCENT, King of the Bazou People of West Cameroon visited URI on August 1, 2017. He spoke to a group of faculty from the College of Health Science, the Center for Nonviolence & Peace Studies, and School of Education.

The focus of discussion was on providing community healthcare in underserved communities. Members of WOCOTOMADI (World Coming Together to Make a Diference) nonprofit organization spoke about how their mission in Africa with the prime objective of detecting high blood pressure among underserved Cameroon communities with limited access to health care. They provide strategies to prevent hypertension and educate the target population in remote villages on the importance of exercise and healthy diets based on locally available food.

We are hopeful to develop a collaboration between URI and Cameroon and possibly take groups of URI students to Africa on a J-term experience to learn more about this public health issue and contribute time, talent, and smiles to help change lives and open up the future for people around us.