Conflict in your life? Register for Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation PSY478

13064505_1165257160175632_722006381684097475_oPSY 478: Applications in Psychology: Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation Training is a course that is grounded in Dr. King’s philosophy, principles, and strategies for understanding nonviolence. We learn how to use nonviolence  in our personal lives as well as in our dorms, our clubs, with friends, and with adversaries.

Feeling helpless about what to do about issues of concern? Many find this course to be most helpful in dealing with daily pressures and stresses in disagreements and conflict, as well as how to take effective action for identified problems on campus and beyond.

Here are some comments from students about the course:

“What a blessing it was to be in a class that teaches us about nonviolence and peace. The lessons on Kingian Nonviolence are inspirational and timeless. Effective social activism is also covered – something” we all should become more aware of as we navigate through our complex global world. I hope this curriculum finds its way into more schools. Peace.”

Everything that I have learned in this course has been valuable, and something I can apply to my life. I now look at conflict differently. Instead of becoming angry with the person, I’m going to take a step back and instead try to think of why this person is causing a conflict with me. This course has taught me now to use my empathy to fix conflicts.”

“I plan on using the responses to levels of conflict to help deal with my roommates! I often get very angry with them and I can use what I’ve learned to make changes.

Also, I’ll use this education to better my own life and help make difficult decisions for me regarding the way I react when in stressful situation. This course has taught me to think twice before I do or say something.”