Nonviolence Focus in Nigeria

CeliaWonderful message from Celia Turkett with an update on her nonviolence work since returning to Liberia from the International Nonviolence Summer Institute 2014:

Greetings from Liberia.  My two weeks stay at URI was amongst the best part of my entire years of existence. I recalled the activities vividly in my mind and am still living within those sweet memories.  I enjoyed the training sessions, the discussions, the mini talks we shared, the videos presentations, the food (LoL) and everything that was done to make the training a unique one.

I set foot in Liberia running with the Kingian Nonviolence training. The first group of people that I trained were colleagues from my Unit within the UN. Eight (8) persons were  in attendance. The training was so good and they appreciated highly. Since the training they have changed my name to Celia Nonviolent – imagine that?  Whenever anything goes wrong in the office, someone would shout-call out the nonviolent lady! There is a guy in my office who is always having fights with other colleagues- he came to office two days ago and said “ Celia, I am becoming nonviolent now I am trying to address issues in a nonviolent form and manner” – I feel so happy that I could do what I can in my little corner. I am also trying to schedule another training for some group of  youths that I am working with. I will keep you updated on developments.

Once again, Thanks a million – you will always remain in my heart and world.