Rebecca Davis

Bekki Davis

New Jersey, USA

(Level I – 2012)

(Level II – 2014)

I serve as an academic counselor at Hudson County Community College, and also an instructor and trainer at two other universities in New Jersey. Many of my students are victims of physical violence or have faced the loss of a loved one due to violence. In order to be a better guide to them, I must continue to develop myself and my understanding of the world. The ideas and inspiration I gained from participating in Level 1, have helped me in this process. One of the other areas I have applied my nonviolence training is in my work with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender students. Since last March I have been working with the Women’s Center and LGBTQ Programs Office at William Paterson University. My natural focus as a counselor is on inner conflict, and that is where I think I can and do, do the most good.