Sandy Hook Vigil and Rally to End Violence

Sandy Hook Vigil and Rally to End Violence

Monday evening in a quiet mist falling like gentle tears, 69 members of the URI and local community gathered together in front of the URI Robert Carother’s Library to stand in witness on behalf of the innocent victims gunned down in the senseless murders at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.

The Center for Nonviolence and Peace, along with the leadership of the URI Student Affiliates in School Psychology (URI-SASP) helped to organize the vigil. Faculty from Psychology, Communication Studies and Education spoke on behalf of the children, educators, and the brave women who lost their lives. A message was also offered in remembrance for all victims of violence, those in the middle east, Syria, and around the world.

Those attending lit candles in remembrance of those lost to violence. Sympathy cards were shared for all to sign and send to Sandy Hook, to be personally delivered to Newtown by a URI student from that community. Those present spoke passionately to stand up to the growing culture of violence in the US and to actively and nonviolently resist violence in all its forms every day and in every way. The vigil ended with everyone joined together singing “We shall live in peace, oh deep in our hearts, we do believe, that we shall live in peace some day.” The Center will for direct action, not just about gun violence, but how we can create a safer environment for our children through sensible regulation and control of deadly weapons.