URI International Table Tennis Championship

URI’s Ping Pong for Peace

URI’s Ping Pong for Peace Tournament (November 18) was quite a spectacle, drawing in students not only from Rhode Island but all over the world, including Nepal and Indonesia. Participants competed in both individual and team events, winning trophies and other prizes. The players put up a hard defense, making this a thrilling sight. Owen May and Joseph Honig in particular set forth a great example. In the end, however, Josiah Schaffer was the reigning champion with eight wins and one loss. Brian Friedlander and Agustian Syarib flanked him as the finalist runners-up.

As for the group events, the Nepali team won in the end, fittingly enough. They won the doubles in an intense competition, their magnificent spins and curves leading them to victory. The men’s and women’s doubles events demonstrated great teamwork and unity. Stasha Medeiros and Liz Rogers represented the Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies in this tournament and put forth a good effort. Other teams represented Germany, the Society of Women Engineers, and more.

This event raised hundreds of dollars for a Nepali orphanage, and that may very well be the most important aspect of this event. Many people came into this event and donated even more than the standard $5 admission. Thanks go to Paul Bueno de Mesquita, the head of URI’s Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies, the group that organized this tournament, as well as all those who made this tournament happen.