Students Celebrate End of NVP200 Nonviolence Course

NVP200Students in Prof. Paul Bueno de Mesquita’s Introduction to Nonviolence class, NVP200 end a 7-week seminar course with a peace cake and reflections.

This course offered students an introduction to the study of nonviolence and peace featuring a series of speakers who presented a range of issues.

This semester the following people spoke to the class:

Geshe Thupten Tendhar from Tibet, PhD Candidate  “Understanding Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy”

George Dombi, Instructor in the URI Chemistry Department on “Naikan: A Method of Self Reflection”

Qutaiba Albluwi, Imam of the Kingston Muslim Community Center on “Challenging Myths about Islam”

Jim Kennedy from Rachel’s Challenge Program on “Helping Schools Become Safer & More Connected”

There were discussions on varied articles and readings about nonviolence as well as viewing films.

Congratulations to all on their interest in nonviolence and a successful semester of deep learning!