Unveiling the Tibet-China Issue for Peace!

KhadoIt was one of the most important purposes of my life to shine some light on the Tibet-China issue. Since 1959, hundreds of thousands of Tibetans are executed for expressing their desire for spiritual and other basic human rights. New generations of Tibetans are born and dead under fear, oppression and intimidation throughout their lives. With ultimate desperation and dedication in their hearts more than 125 people committed self-immolation inside Tibet since 2009. Unfortunately over ninety percent of their Chinese brothers and sisters do not know even fractions of truth about Tibetans’ plight and the Tibet-China issue.

About one billion Chinese citizens are being kept under darkness and isolation by blocking independent sources of information and flooding with fabricated information. Worldwide sources of information such as Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo are blocked by the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) strong firewalls and ruthless punishments. The citizens are then misguided with constant propaganda disseminated through the government controlled prints and electronic medias. Most Chinese citizens do not even know about the existing Tibet-China issue and it’s possible drastic turn in the near future. I do not want to witness adoption of nontraditional violent method by the desperate Tibetan people and certainly not to visit their mass graveyard labeled terrorists by China. With this important purpose in my heart and dream, I attended the 2014 International Nonviolence Summer Institute at the University of Rhode Island’s Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies. Like Dr. Martin Luther King, it is my dream to create a beloved community where both Chinese and Tibetans could live and dance peacefully free of fear and misunderstanding.

Returning to the small town of El Cerrito in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area where many of my neighbors are originally from China, I started my attempt to build human understanding between interested Chinese and Tibetans. I approached to some Chinese and Tibetan intellectuals and organized a small dialogue event where both Tibetans and Chinese people could express their views and ideas. As expected, most of the Chinese misunderstood the Tibetan protests as plots and works of the Dalai clique for the personal gain of the Dalai Lama rather than the Tibetan peoples’ grievance for their freedom and human rights. They couldn’t sense the existence of a real Tibet-China issue created in 1940s under the leadership of Mao. Unveiling the truth about the Tibet-China issue under much oppressive regime takes better understanding among citizens for which we continue to build a solid foundation for genuine friendship and mutual benefits. We will meet again soon to carry on our peaceful dialogue and I pray that may there be no drastic turn in Tibetan struggle for their human rights!

Khado Gyal

Level I Nonviolence Trainer