URI Nonviolence Direct Action Project Presentations

PSY478 Spring 2016 GroupThe PSY478 Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation class was filled with action as teams presented their research on pressing issues using Dr. King’s six strategies of nonviolence: 1. Information Gathering, 2. Education, 3. Personal Commitment, 4. Negotiation, 5. Dramatic Direct Action, and 6. Reconciliation.

Students took on some current issues that interested them and applied the six steps of nonviolence to address these social problems in an organized way. Topics included: Armed Police Officers on Campus, Project Unity, More Affordable Parking on URI Campus, Longer Dining Hall Hours on Campus, URI & Recycling – Environmental Justice.

It was impressive to see how students applied the steps they had learned in this culminating project. They are all fortified with nonviolence as they leave the class and move back into their worlds, using new information to create and sustain more peaceful lives.