Vanes Beaubrun

Rhode Island/URI, USA

(Level I – 2012)

(Level II – 2015)

Certified in PSY478: Nonviolent Conflict Reconciliation

Vanes BeaubrunLevel II Kingian Nonviolence trainer. I am the office manager for the URI Multicultural Student Services Center. I got involved with nonviolence as an Intern in 2011 to complete some coursework. At first, I was skeptical about the concept of nonviolence because I have only known it in its passive form — if you get hit, don’t hit back. When the two-week Institute concluded and I had learned about Kingian Nonviolence, my whole outlook changed. I knew this experience was something amazing that I wanted to always be a part of. This is my fifth year attending and volunteering at the Summer Institute. My goal is to develop programs and after school centers based on Kingian nonviolence principles. I want to advocate for people from marginalized groups of society, mainly young African American males.