Violence Prevention Program in Central Falls

Second Step Violence Prevention Program

The highly acclaimed  Second Step – Violence Prevention Program, kicks off the year in Central Falls as the Center begins its 6th year of service in this school district. Under the direction of Prof. Paul Bueno de Mesquita and Center graduate intern Lacey Feeley, the URI violence prevention team of Jenni Barrientos, Meena McGowen and Jenna Porcaro provides weekly direct, on-site instruction to approximately 250 young children. These URI students offer essential skills for Kindergarten and preschool children in our state’s most impoverished  school system. Teachers and children there are very excited to have the URI students come into their classrooms each week and engage the children in fun activities including puppets, songs and games that build core social-emotional skills, such as empathy, emotion management, and problem solving. Congrats to the Central Falls team for a great start.


We were delighted to find this sign posted at the Robertson School greeting us when we arrived.