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Central Falls Violence Prevention Team

Central Falls

Violence Prevention Team Fall 2014

Paul Bueno de Mesquita, PhD, is a professor of Psychology and Director of the Center for Nonviolence & Peace Studies at the University of Rhode Island. For more than thirty years Paul has worked as a professional psychologist and advocate for children’s mental health. He specializes in violence prevention and positive psychological development, particularly in under-represented and underserved low-income communities. A Level III nonviolence trainer, he directs the annual International Nonviolence Summer Institute. A native Texan, Paul has been a life-long musical activist and singer/songwriter for peace, justice and nonviolent social change.

Kathryn Lee Johnson teaches in the School of Education and supervises student teachers at the University of Rhode Island. She teaches preservice teachers how to infuse nonviolence into children’s literature, connecting story themes to King’s Six Principles of Nonviolence. Kay especially likes sharing ideas with parents about how they can support their children’s developing literacy skills at home. She’s enjoyed working with the incredible parents at both Capt. Hunt Preschool Center and at Robertson Kindergarten School.



Hello! My name is Jenna Porcaro and I am a psychology and sociology double major at the University of Rhode Island. I am currently a senior and I hope to go to graduate school next year for school psychology. I am interested in working with social skills and behavior in elementary age children. I am here to conduct the second step program, which is doing just that! I am very excited to get started and promote positive interactions in your classrooms! Thank you for having me!



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Hello! My name is Maya Gibbes and I’m a School Psychology graduate student. I started working with Second Step because I was interested in working with children from a different background from my own. Working here has enriched my development as a school psychologist by teaching me about the application of counseling in order to support social-emotional learning in young children. I am grateful to be a part of a team aimed at supporting children and their parents in cultivating a healthy community.

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