Never Miss an Email Again!

As a student, you likely have a lot going on. Maybe you work, maybe you are in a sorority or fraternity, or maybe you have children. It can be easy to forget to check your e-mail on a daily basis, like I suggested in my previous post. However, checking your e-mail/Sakai site on a daily basis is essential to succeeding in your online course.

One way to keep on task is to send your e-mails to your smartphone. That way, you will not miss any important e-mails.
Sometimes your professor will send an announcement to the entire class through Sakai. Typically, your professor will also send that announcement to your e-mail via Sakai.

I suggest using your URI Gmail account as your primary e-mail account.  This is the e-mail your professor will mainly use for your courses at URI.

The first step to syncing your e-mails to your smartphone is downloading the correct e-mail application. Please select the correct application page link (you must be on your smartphone to download the application) below depending on whether you are an Android or Apple user. If you have an Android phone, then you very likely already have the Gmail application installed on your phone.

Download the correct app to your smartphone

Upon downloading the application, you will be asked to sign in to your Gmail account. If you have another Gmail account, you can input the username/password for that that account.

Once you have input your account information, you will be able to receive e-mails via your smartphone. Now you will be less likely to miss those important e-mails/notifications from your professor!

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