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Zahra Meghani


Ethics (especially health care ethics and environmental ethics) and Feminist Theory


Ph.D, Michigan State University, 2006



Meghani, Z. (editor). 2015. Women Migrant Workers: Ethical, Political, and Legal Problems (Routledge International Studies of Women and Place series, (Routledge)).

Brody, H., Meghani, Z., and Greenwald, K. (editors) 2009. Michael Ryan’s Writings on Medical Ethics (Philosophy and Medicine: Classics of Medical Ethics series, (Springer)) 2009.





Health Care Ethics Articles

Meghani, Z. 2015. “Trapped in a web of immigration and employment laws: Female undocumented home health workers in the US” in Women Migrant Workers: Ethical, Political, and Legal Problems (Routledge International Studies of Women and Place series, (Routledge)), 53-72.

Meghani, Z. 2014. “Justice for the “other” caregivers: Addressing the epistemic dimension of injustice,” Labor and global justice: Essays on the ethics of labor practices in the age of globalization, eds. Mary C Rawlinson, Wim Vandekerckhove, Ronald M.S. Commers, and Tim Johnston. Lexington Books, 123-39.

Meghani, Z. 2013. The Ethics of medical tourism: From the United Kingdom to India seeking medical care. International Journal of Health Services 2013, 43(4): 779 – 800.

Meghani, Z. 2011. A robust, particularist ethical assessment of medical tourism. Developing World Bioethics 11(1) 16–29.

Meghani, Z. and Eckenwiler, L. 2009. Care for the Caregivers?: Transnational Justice and Undocumented

Non-Citizen Care Workers. International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics 2(1): 77-101.


Environmental Ethics Articles

Meghani, Z. 2014. Risk assessment of genetically modified food and neoliberalism: An argument for democratizing the regulatory review protocol of the Food and Drug Administration. Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 27(6): 967-989.

Meghani, Z. and Kuzma, J. 2011. The “revolving door” between regulatory agencies and Industry: A problem that requires reconceptualizing objectivity. Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 2011, 24(6): 575-599.

Meghani, Z. 2009. The US’ Food and Drug Administration, normativity of risk assessment, GMOs, and American democracy. Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 22 (2): 125-39.

Meghani, Z. and de Melo-Martín, I. 2009. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Evaluation of the Safety of Animal Clones: A Failure to Recognize the Normativity of Risk Assessment Projects. Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society 29: 9-17.




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