Exercise your mind

Thinking big is what we do at URI, but as a philosophy major here, you’ll also learn to think better. By exploring life’s fundamental questions—about our place in the universe, the purpose of human life, and the nature of morality—you’ll develop the critical thinking skills so highly valued by employers. As a graduate, you’ll be well prepared for a successful career or to pursue graduate study.

Why Philosophy at URI?

High scoring major
Philosophy majors are consistently among the top performers on the LSAT, GRE, and GMAT. Many URI philosophy grads move on to law school, medical school, or graduate study.

We focus on you
Our 40 or so philosophy majors benefit from a low faculty-to-student ratio and small class sizes, receiving individual attention and support from the outstanding faculty with whom they work and collaborate.

Flexibility to explore
Our curriculum leaves room for you to explore other academic interests, choose electives that complement another major or minor, or group together electives that focus on a specific area of interest.

“Majoring in philosophy opened many doors for me, and it was the best decision I ever made. I exercised my brain in new ways and became a better problem solver and thinker.”
Hannah Travaglini '13 (Law Student, Comedian)

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