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Biosafety Committee: Incident Reporting

Reporting any lab incidents in a timely manner is a critical part of the research process, and it’s required by both the National Institutes of Health guidelines and University of Rhode Island policies. Incident reports help to protect the health and safety of researchers, lab staff, university employees and the general public, and are key to assessing the biggest essential training and resource needs of the university.

Principal investigators, co-PIs, and lab supervisors/staff can submit reports. Contact the IBC at tedmyatt@uri.edu or (401) 874-2636 if you need help determining if the incident is reportable.

Reportable Incidents

• Needlestick

• Contact with eyes, nose, mouth

• Inhalation of aerosolized material (e.g., large spill outside of biological safety cabinet agents at BSL-3)

• Contact with open wounds, cuts, scratches

• Bites/scratches from infected animals

• Bites from animals with introduced r/sNA molecules

• Release or loss of transgenic plants, animals or materials

To Report Any On-Campus Emergency

Emergency: (401) 874-2121
Routine: (401) 874-7993

Immediate Action

If personnel exposure to infectious agents or rDNA:

Splash to eyes: Flush with water at eyewash for 10 minutes

• Needlesticks, cuts, scratches, animal bites: Wash area with soap and water for 10 minutes

• Perform first aid, if applicable

• Notify supervisor

• Seek medical evaluation as soon as possible after an exposure.

• Document exposures, injuries, and illnesses in the URI Injury/Illness/Exposure Report, http://web.uri.edu/ehs/incident-reporting-form/

If release of or loss of transgenic plants, animals or materials, spill outside of biosafety cabinet or inappropriate waste disposal:

• Clean up spill per lab protocols if small spill or spill inside biosafety cabinet, Contact EH&S (255-8200) if assistance is needed

• Contact Institutional Biosafety Officer to report theft, breach in containment of rDNA or biological materials

Reporting Responsibilities


•Immediately report the incident to the Principal Investigator and the Institutional Biosafety Officer (cheird@uri.edu)

• If medical attention is required contact (401) 874-2121

• Individual along with supervisor must file an Injury/Illness/Exposure Reporting form at: http://web.uri.edu/ehs/incident-reporting-form/

Principal Investigator:

• File an Injury/Illness/Exposure Reporting form with the staff member at: http://web.uri.edu/ehs/incident-reporting-form/

• If incident involves r/sNA molecules the PI shall contact the Biosafety officer within 24 hours.

Biosafety Officer:

• The Biosafety Officer will investigate the incident and prepare a report for the IBC

Institutional Biosafety Committee:

• Will review the incident and set measures to mitigate the problem and preclude its reoccurrence

Office of Research Integrity:

• Report to appropriate federal agencies as deemed necessary

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