2012-13 RI EPSCoR graduate research fellows

Janis V. HallJanis

Biology, Rhode Island College

Advisor: Breea Govenar

Research: The effects of metal pollution and ocean acidification on the reproductive and larval biology of the ribbed mussels. Janis writes about her research work in Winter 2014 issue of The Current, page 4

Rebecca HelmVersion 2

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Brown University

Advisor: Casey Dunn

Research: The evolution of development in cnidarians, as well as their systematics and natural history. Helm also writes about jellies for the cooperative blog, Deep Sea News.

Dana LordDana Lord

Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology, Brown University

Advisor: Rebecca Page

Research: Structures and functions of proteins important for biofilm formation and dispersal using NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography.

Gordon OberGordon Ober

Biological Sciences, University of Rhode Island

Advisor: Carol Thornber

Research: Impacts of Ocean Acidification and Temperature on Algal Productivity and Intertidal Community Assemblages

Read about Gordon’s research on page 6 of The Current newsmagazine

Eric J. RicciRicci

Biology, Rhode Island College

Advisor: Eric Roberts

Research: Investigation into the existence of a cuticle on the gametophore of the moss Physcomitrella patens.

Read about Eric’s research on page 6 of The Current newsmagazine

Where is he now: Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, D.M.D. Candidate, 2017

Joselynn WallaceJoselynn Wallace

Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Rhode Island

Advisor: Bethany Jenkins

Research: Elucidating the Response of Thalassiosiroid Diatoms to Future pH/CO2 levels: A Transcriptomic Analysis and Field-Based Study in Narragansett Bay

Kerry WhittakerKerry

Oceanography, University of Rhode Island

Advisor: Tatiana Rynearson

Research: Using molecular techniques to study the ways in which variations in the marine environment drive population diversity in diatoms throughout the world.

Where is she now (2014-2015): Kerry was selected to serve in the yearlong National Sea Grant John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship program. Read about her experiences on page 7 of The Current newsmagazine