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School garden grants are plentiful and usually due in winter or early spring. Check websites for updated information and deadlines.

Many websites list multiple school garden grant opportunities:

Grant notification services are also helpful:

  • Grant Gopher: Limited free resources or pay monthly for full access.
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  • Flower Power Bulb Fundraiser: Earn 50% profit with this online fall fundraiser. We like that you make 50% profits on the bulbs you sell, that it’s online so you can sell bulbs to your out-of-state friends and relatives, and that it’s relevant to gardening.
  • Seed Money: This site is fundraising platform that allows you to set up a page to collect donations from community members.
  • Come up with fundraising ideas that fit the character and identity of your school. For example, at trilingual school in Rhode Island, we compiled recipes from families that use produce grown in the garden to make a cookbook in three languages that was sold as a garden fundraiser.
  • Ask families to sponsor a piece of the garden by making a donation. Make sure to have a wide range of items and suggested contributions so everyone can participate. A $5 donation could buy seeds, $25 could buy a blueberry bush, etc. It can be more fun than just asking for money.
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