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Summer Mission and Vision Statements

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Summer 2015

As counselors of Talent Development, we strive to develop an inclusive, productive and positive environment that focuses on overall success. In addition to empowering you to be successful, we provide the opportunity for you to achieve academic fulfillment, personal growth and sense of belonging at the University of Rhode Island. We will motivate future leaders and guide them to reach their ultimate potential. As members of TD Nation, we welcome you to a family of support and on-going excellence.

Summer 2014

As part of the Talent Development family, we the counselors strive to create an environment that is conducive to learning and fostering inclusion that will be carried throughout life. We aim to challenge our students to reach their highest academic potential while teaching them to be responsible for their success and failures.  The legacy of TD continues to motivate students to be resilient against any obstacles faced in life. As a growing nation, building lasting relationships has been a part of our history since 1968. As Mr. Leo F.  Di Maio once said, “A Friend is a friend is a friend,” we understand the importance of supporting the next generation, so that they can view their achievements as opportunities to make a difference!

Summer 2013

As Talent Development counselors, we intend to create a respectful and supportive environment for students to appreciate the opportunities derived from the history of TD Nation. Students will be given an equal opportunity to attain independence, accountability and social competence. We will foster academic success through motivating students who will carry the future legacy of TD.

Summer 2012

Talent Development was born out of a vision to collectively inspire success which was fueled by the dreams of Dr. King and ignited by the passion of Reverend Hardge and Mr. DiMaio. Talent Development provides the opportunity for students to develop their sense of self through academic, social and personal growth. We will encourage scholarship, self-advocacy and take pride in the achievements of our family. It is through our educational commitment that we continue to prevail. We are committing to advancing the legacy of TD Nation.

Summer 2011

Our mission as counselors is to preserve and continue the long standing legacy of Talent Development. We aspire to nurture critical thinking, provide a safe academic environment, and instill confidence as you embark on this challenging journey. Through hard work and sacrifice, your dreams will become a reality. believe in yourself.

Summer 2010

The Talent Development Program was established through the significant sacrifice and dedication of Reverend Arthur L. Hardge and Mr. Leo F. DiMaio. TD is a supporting environment that encourages students to be independent and self sufficient. We expect our students to honor the efforts of the program’s founding fathers through academic and personal achievement.

Remember our past. Live in the present. Add to the future (Residential Counseling Staff, 2010).

Summer 2009

TD Nation is a strong family that supports, encourages and inspires its students. The Pre-Matriculation Program provides the opportunity for young adults from diverse backgrounds to be empowered in their pursuit of academic and personal achievement. We strive to elicit honesty, integrity, and confidence in our students with the hope that they will embody the spirit of Talent Development (Residential Counseling Staff, 2009).

Summer 2008

The Talent Development Pre-Matriculation Program strives to empower young adults by facilitating development of academic and prioritization skills, a deeper sense of responsibility, and social competency.

We as counselors pledge to foster a safe and dynamic environment, guide, mentor, and provide support for each individual in the process of creating a path toward success.

We will encourage each and every student to push beyond imposed limitations, step beyond their comfort zone, and aspire to reach their full potential while successfully completing the Talent Development Pre-Matriculation Program.

Summer 2007

WE, as Talent Development, aim to restore hope and empower responsible individuals to grasp the traditions and values of the program. WE believe in the untapped potential that each of you possess and the endless possibilities that await you. WE strive for greatness by providing you with the tools for academic transition and personal growth. WE hope to collectively maintain and promote a trusting community that facilitates academic, emotional, and personal development. Our ultimate goal is to make tomorrow’s leaders “REAL” models and to continue the TD legacy for generations to come (Residential Counseling Staff, 2007).

Summer 2006

Talent Development provides its students a strong foundation which enables them to realize their true potential for growth. With our guidance and encouragement we will lessen the burden of a challenging transition. With support as the core, we open the door to new beginnings full of opportunities and everlasting enrichment. We are a home away from home, a shoulder to lean on when you feel alone. Together we will strive to achieve academic excellence, success, and the actualization of dreams (Residential Counseling Staff, 2006).

Summer 2005

We strive to build character and strength within and beyond the Talent Development community. We seek to provide our students with an array of opportunities to help themdevelop as unique individuals and to achieve academic success. The Talent Development staff empowers students to accomplish their dreams and aspirations with dignity and pride. Talent Development encourages students to be passionate and driven through guidance and support. With compassion, truth, unity and respect, we will face the many struggles together as a family (Residential Counseling Staff, 2005).

Summer 2004

The Talent Development Family creates welcoming, supporting, enriching environment which a student can develop into an independent intellectual who has the education, life skills, and passion to achieve the values of truth and freedom. We challenge you to embrace BEING THE CHANGE (B – Believe in yourself, E – Excellence, I – Inspire to be, N – Never say never, G –Growth, T – Transformation, H – Heart, E – Endurance, C – Compassion, H – Humility, A –Ambition, N – No negativity, G – Greatness, E – Everlasting) (Residential Counseling Staff, 2004).

Summer 2003

The University of Rhode Island provides many doors that lead to oceans of opportunities. Talent Development serves as a beacon of light throughout this transition period. As we live by the motto, “Family, Friends, and Faith,” we inspire and motivate our students to succeed (Residential Counseling Staff, 2003).

Summer 2002

We come together bringing all of our individual characteristics to achieve a common goal of completing the TD summer program. Our mission is to provide guidance, strength, and comfort to the incoming TD students and staff. These things will help us work together through various levels of development, thus leading to a continuous path of success and achievement. “TD – where you can always come back home” (Residential Counseling Staff, 2002).

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