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Viewers Choice Awards

Each spring, artistic 4-Hers bring their artwork, sculpture and photographs to the Warwick Mall for the RI State 4-H Photo and Fine Arts Show. Judges evaluate each piece of work on it’s own merit according to the Danish system where artwork is judged against a standard, not against all of the other pieces of art.

4-Hers can earn ribbons for their effort and several pieces each year are selected by our judges for Best of Show designation. A few years ago, we began inviting the public to vote on their favorite from our judge’s favorites. Each year we tally over 100 votes to determine which piece captured the attention of shoppers.

The following are the results:

2017 Meghan Andrews Painting “Long Forgotten”

2015 Kelly Bryant “Old Man” Drawing

2012 Viewers choice award also went to Megan Morrissey for her drawing “m is for Manatee.”

2011 Congratulations for Megan Morrissey for her painting “Hugh Jackman”

2010 Congratulations to the 2010 RI 4-H Photo and Fine Arts Show Viewer’s Choice recipients.

Meghan Morrissey’s Mixed Media portrait titled “The Broken Music” and Cameron Millar’s color photo “The Frog” were both chosen by voters as recipients of this year’s Viewer’s Choice award.

2009 After tallying 247 votes, this year’s “People’s Choice Award” went to both Chris Jackman for his painting “The Weekend Getaway” and to Newell Roberts for his color photo entitled “Winter is Here to Stay”.

2008 After tallying 240 votes, this year’s “People’s Choice Award” went to Newell Roberts for his color photo entitled “Moving at the Speed of Life”.

2007 This year there was a tie for the “People’s Choice Award”. Andrea Gosper’s color photo “Sadie”, Chris Jackman’s painting titled “Days Gone By”, Evan Jacavone’s “Old Speedy” painting , and Bethany LeDoux’s black and white photo titled “Portrait of Annie“ all earned this recognition.

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