What is 4-H?

Rhode Island 4-H has many programs, projects, and opportunities for children and teens ages 5 to 18. There are also opportunities for adults to volunteer.  

The URI 4-H Program offers kids hands-on education to develop life skills that will serve them well as individuals and citizens. Children and teens can join community clubs, participate in after-school programs, or become individual members.  

A leader in youth development, 4-H began as a local-level response to evolving needs for new kinds of educational experiences for youth. It uses the Cooperative Extension System network to offer youth programs and activities to diverse groups of young people in all 3,150 counties across the nation.

4-H community and project clubs

URI 4-H offers children and teens long- and short-term educational opportunities. Children and teens can choose to participate in 4-H through community or project clubs.

Community clubs

Community clubs are run year-round by at least two unrelated, trained volunteers and meet once a month. Monthly meetings last between one and two hours. Participants vote on projects and may participate in year-round 4-H events. View our community clubs.

Project clubs

Project clubs are created to accomplish a specific task, such as planning and planting a garden. Project clubs are short-term commitments, usually 6-to-10 hours, and are sometimes done in partnership with other agencies such as schools, libraries, or community centers. Learn more about 4-H project clubs.

Have questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you have about community or project clubs, individual memberships, or volunteering.