4+1 FastTrack
Engineering Programs

Save time and money, while staying laser focused on scholarship and real-world experience in our nationally recognized College of Engineering.

Are you ready to take the lead and dive into your studies?

When you are selected for one of URI’s 4+1 FastTrack bachelor’s to master’s programs in engineering, you can earn two degrees in just five years—a major professional advantage. 

A Great Return on Your Investment

In today’s dynamic job market, earning an advanced degree as part of a 4+1 FastTrack program can open doors to exciting opportunities and higher starting salaries—not to mention the money you can save on graduate tuition by completing that degree more quickly.

The Support You Need

We know that moving from college to grad school can feel like a big step, both in terms of cost and time commitment. That’s why we provide a well-defined path from the start, making it easier for you to reach your goals with confidence and significant savings!


Step up and stand out!

We invite you to join an elite group of dedicated students moving through these rigorous programs together, with access to our exceptional facilities, labs, and professors who are leaders in their fields. Expert faculty mentors will help you pursue unique undergraduate research, hands-on work experience, global internship opportunities, and focused scholarship.

FastTrack Engineering Degree Combinations

Engineering Master’s Degrees Undergraduate Major Pathways
Electrical Engineering (M.S.) Biomedical Engineering (B.S.), Computer Engineering (B.S.), Electrical Engineering (B.S.)
Chemical Engineering (M.S.) Chemical Engineering (B.S.)
Civil and Environmental Engineering (M.S.) Civil Engineering (B.S.)
Mechanical Engineering (M.S.) Mechanical Engineering (B.S.)
Ocean Engineering (M.S.) Ocean Engineering (B.S.)
Systems Engineering (M.S.) Industrial and Systems Engineering (B.S.), Mechanical Engineering (B.S.)

Eligibility and Common Questions

  • You are not required to commit to a graduate degree right away. With hands-on academic advising each semester, you will be guided to make the academic and career decisions that are best for you.
  • A 3.0 cumulative GPA (or higher)* is required at the end of your junior year if you would like to pursue the FastTrack program.
  • During your junior or senior year, you will complete a fee-waived application expressing your formal interest in the FastTrack program.
  • To learn more about this special opportunity, students and family/supporters are encouraged to attend one of our virtual information sessions (or watch the recording) and connect with our faculty and staff in the spring at one of our many events.

*The master’s degree in electrical engineering requires a minimum GPA of 3.3 from the bachelor’s degrees in biomedical, electrical, and computer engineering.


  • Academic and career exploration at URI begins right from the start with hands-on projects and seminars.
  • Internships are an integral part of our student experience, with over 85% of our students participating in some form of internship while at URI.
  • You can make lasting connections with professors, peers, and alumni in an enriching, familiar environment.
  • As a research university, URI offers quality research and professional opportunities to undergraduates as well as graduate students. Additionally, the fifth year of the FastTrack engineering program can be research-based, which will set you up for success after graduation.
  • You will be supported every step of the way, receiving guidance on meeting and maintaining program qualifications and preparing for your graduate experience.
  • Financial support is available for the fifth year of your FastTrack program. All students enrolled in one of these programs are eligible to apply for the Ray Wright FastTrack Scholarship. In addition, many students who conduct funded research for their M.S. degree are awarded a graduate research assistantship, which covers tuition and fees and includes a monthly stipend.

You will be in good company!

Christina Ducharme

B.S.‘24, M.S.‘25
“Choosing the 4+1 FastTrack program was a very strategic move—an investment in my future that allows me to stay ahead of the curve and make an impact in the real world sooner.”

Kalvin Cho

B.S.‘19, M.S.‘20
“Not only was the transition from undergrad to grad school seamless, but the flexibility of the program allowed me to tailor my coursework to be relevant to my pursued career path.”

Lauren Rainone

B.S.’23, M.S.’24
“The FastTrack program is a fantastic way to complete a high level of education in a short period of time. It has allowed me to develop relationships with professors and other professionals.”

Yes, you can do that here!




If you would like to learn more about the 4+1 FastTrack program, please email: fasttrack-coe-group@uri.edu.     

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