You can add an Africana Studies major to your transcript with as few as 10 courses, and a minor with only 6. You may already be close. See what you’ve taken that may already count.

Degree Requirements

A total of 120 credits are required to graduate, at least 42 of which must be at the 300 level or above. A minimum of 30 credits are required for the Africana Studies major, as follows:

Required Courses

  • AAF 201: Introduction to African American Studies
  • AAF 202: Introduction to the Culture of the Diaspora

At least 6 credits from each of the following areas:

History and Politics

  • AAF 290/WMS351A African American Women: Service, Community, and Self
  • AAF 380 Civil Rights Movement
  • AAF 372 Afro-Americans and the Legal System
  • AAF 415 Dynamics of Social Change in the Caribbean
  • AAF/HIS 150 Introduction to African American History
  • AAF 355A/HIS393M Contemporary African-American Political Thought
  • AAF 355B/HIS393L Black Urban History
  • AAF 355C/HIS 393E History of Black Women Artists
  • AAF 355I/HIS393I Black Women in the US: Colonial Times to the Present
  • AAF/HIS 366 Black Political Thought, Civil Rights/Black Power Age
  • AAF/HIS 359 History of Slavery in America
  • AAF/HIS 388 History of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • AAF/PSC 408 African Governments and Politics
  • AAF/PSC 410 Issues in African Development
  • AAF/PSC 466 Urban Problems

Arts and Humanities

  • AAF/ARH 330 African-American Artist in Context I
  • AAF/ARH 331 African-American Artist in Context II
  • AAF/ENG247 Introduction to Literature of the Diaspora
  • AAF/ENG 248 Afro-American Literature: 1900-Present
  • AAF 352 Black Images in Film
  • AAF/ENG 360 Africana Folk Life
  • AAF/ENG 362 African-American Literature Genres
  • AAF/ENG 363 Afro-American Fiction
  • AAF/ENG 364 Contemporary African Literature

Social and Behavioral Science 6-9 units

  • AAF/PSY 399 Introduction to Multicultural Psychology
  • AAF 390 Directed Study or Research (Permission of director by override only)
  • AAF 498 Senior Seminar

Although the following social science courses are not cross-listed with an AAF designation, they also meet the Social and Behavioral Science requirement.

  • SOC 240 Minority and Majority Relations
  • SOC 318 Social Movements and Social Change
  • SOC 240 Race and Ethnic Relations
  • SOC 336 Social Inequality
  • SOC 428 Institutional Racism
  • PSY 479I Contemporary Problems/Seminar in Non-Violence