Minor in Africana Studies

Minoring in Africana Studies is a great way to add a global and cultural component to virtually any major, and it only requires 6 courses. You’ll learn about African and African American social, political, and historical development, and you’ll also engage in meaningful conversations with a diverse group of peers, building your cultural competency.

If you plan to work in the public or private sector of the broader global community, a minor in Africana Studies offers a great benefit. Both internationally and within the United States, our graduates pursue careers in humanitarian organizations, government, communications, community development, and pubic service, among other areas.

Program Requirements

To minor in Africana studies you will need to take a total of 18 credits as follows:

Two required core courses (6 credits):

  • AAF 201: Introduction to African-American Studies
  • AAF 202: Introduction to Afro-American Culture

Four electives (12 credits) selected from the following list:

  • AAF 360: Africana Folk Life
  • AAF 390: Directed Study or Research
  • AAF 410: Issues in African Development
  • ECN 386: The Economics of Race, Gender, and Class
  • ENG 247: Introduction to Literature of the African Diaspora
  • ENG 248: African-American Literature from 1900 to the Present
  • ENG 362: African-American Literary Genres
  • ENG 363: African-American Fiction
  • ENG 364: Contemporary African Literature
  • HIS 150: Introduction to Afro-American History
  • HIS 384: The Modern Caribbean
  • HIS 388: History of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • PSC 408: African Governments and Politics

Students who are interested in substituting another course that has a central focus on some aspect of the black experience may do so with permission from the program director.