Advising FAQ

Where can I find information on the 2nd grade option?
Find everything you need to know about the 2nd grade option here.

What’s the difference between a double major and a double degree?
A double major is a single degree within a single college (e.g. B.A. with a double major in psychology and women’s studies or a B.S. in mathematics and computer science). A double degree is two degrees either within a single college or within two different colleges (e.g. B.A. in biology and a B.S. in chemistry or a B.A. in German and a B.S. in engineering). A double major gets one degree, one diploma, with both majors listed on the transcript. The double degrees gets two degrees, two diplomas with both listed on the transcript.

Do the 300-level courses in my major count toward the 42 credits of advanced level work required for the Bachelor of Arts degree? 
Yes. Any course taken at the 300 level or above, whether it is a general education course, a course in your major, or a general elective, will count toward the 42-credit requirement.

How can I be sure I’m taking the right courses to fulfill my degree requirements? 
It is important to be familiar with the catalog that you are following. Academic advisors are available in the department of your major to assist you in planning your academic career. You may also obtain additional information and clarification in the Dean’s Office.

How do I get an advisor? 
When you transfer to Arts and Sciences from University College or another degree-granting college, or when you are accepted into Arts and Sciences as a transfer student, the Arts and Sciences department in which you are majoring will be notified. You should then contact the department secretary to ask who your advisor will be.

What do I have to do to graduate?
In order to graduate, students must complete and submit an Intent to Graduate Form to the Dean’s Office. Deadlines for declaring your intent to graduate are:

  • October 1 for May graduation
  • March 1 for August graduation
  • May 1 for December graduation

Compliance with these deadlines ensures you will receive an official degree audit prior to the deadline for changing your last semester’s schedule in case you have overlooked a requirement.

May I walk in the Commencement Ceremony in May if I still need to take a few courses over the summer? 
Arts and Sciences students may participate in the May commencement ceremonies if they are graduating in August.