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The University of Rhode Island Biocontrol Lab
The University of Rhode Island Biocontrol Lab

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RIDEM has begun applying insecticide treatments along Douglas Pike in Smithfield, RI to combat recent spotted lanternfly infestation. 

On September 21, 2022 the RIDEM began applying Bifenthrin to areas infested with spotted lanternfly in Smithfield, RI. Bifenthrin is an EPA approved insecticide which kills SLF on contact.  The insecticide will only be applied to trees with “substantial numbers of adult lanternflies.”

More information can be found in the RIDEM press release

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) confirmed on August 22, 2022 that a spotted lanternfly (SLF) population has been detected for the first time in the state, in Smithfield, Rhode Island. The press release can be found here

Spotted lanternfly are invasive in the United States and native to Asia. They were first detected in Pennsylvania in 2014. Spotted lanternfly feed on over 100 different species of plants including many important agricultural crops such as grapes stone fruits, hops, and apples. Feeding by SLF causes stress to the plant, and in vineyards can lead to severe damage and reduced yield.

The RIDEM is asking Rhode Islanders to be on the lookout for SLF. If spotted, kill the insect immediately. Then, use the button below to report the sighting and include a photo, if possible. 

Spot, Squash, Send Sightings!

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Please visit out spotted lanternfly page for more information about this pest! 

Home Page

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Want to work with the Biocontrol Lab?

The URI Biocontrol Lab hires undergraduates each semester and every summer to assist with invasive species monitoring and biocontrol projects.  Students get to work in a variety of field, lab, and outreach experiences. Contact Lisa Tewksbury at or call the office at (401) 874-2750 to inquire about open staff positions and volunteer opportunities.

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