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Risk Management

Insurance matters, including acquisition of coverage and policies; policy negotiations; claims; certificates of insurance, etc. are handled by the Risk Manager. Claims are handled directly with the agents or company involved and each claim is followed through to completion. In many cases, the injured party is also dealt with directly. The Risk Manager handles any claims for damage done to University property on a direct basis with either the individuals that cause the damage or their insurance company. The Risk Manager also works very closely with the University’s Legal Office on all matters of liability, which involve various contracts, agreements, releases and acceptance of equipment. The Risk Manager reviews these documents for proper insurance wording to make sure that the University is not put in a liability situation or becomes responsible for liabilities it does not or should not have. All policy specifications, applications, and required material are prepared and maintained by the Risk Manager.


Certificates of insurance

Certificates of Insurance are evidence that a vendor, entity or organization, has their own insurance in the event they cause damage or injury to the University community. You should be obtaining Certificates of Insurance from vendor, entities and organizations with whom you and your department are doing business and forwarding those to the Risk Manager. As a University Community working as a team, we can become pro-active to improve the safety of employees, students, and visitors to the University.

The University has a number of insurance policies in force. One of those policies is the Board of Governor’s property policy, which includes URI. The property policy currently in existence has a required high   deductible. As a result, much of your department’s property does not have the benefit of enjoying coverage individually under this property policy. You should consider having us list these items under a separate policy with a relatively low deductible and at a low cost to your department. We will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions with regard to this policy.

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