Student Veterans

Professional Development Checklist

The checklist was designed by the CCEE and Veteran Affairs and Military Programs to help support students with military experience transition to URI and a new professional career.

One of the most exciting things about this transition is that there are a variety of careers you can pursue. Take a look at the Career Cluster page to see which page best supports your career interest.  Each of the cluster pages have specific guidance and resources for those industries that you may be interested in.”

Explore 4 Year Plan  

Student Profiles:

Craig Jones 2020 Graduate U.S Marine Corps / Biological Sciences Major.
 “The CCEE is a “MUST USE.”  My resume is amazing and I learned how to write a cover letter thanks to the Career Center.  I also utilized their mock interview help more than once.  I now feel very confident walking into any interview.  Thank you “Caitlin” and the Career Center.”


Searching for a Job/Internships

In order to be competitive for the job market or graduate school, every student should complete a practical experience, such as an internship. There are many resources and techniques for searching for an internship and we recommend checking out your specific Career Cluster page for resources however here are some additional specific resources for student veterans.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional networking platform that features resources and benefits to support professionals in all career fields. As a veteran you have access to LinkedIn Premium for free for one year which adds many benefits as a job seeker. Build your LinkedIn profile now and start connecting with your peers and professionals in your field (s) of interest.

Resume & Cover Letter


A resume should highlight the most important information relevant to the specific job you are applying for which is why every resume you write will be different. You will want to showcase projects, classes, and internship experience in the field and also translate your relevant experience in the military to civilian language. We recommend taking a look at your specific Career Cluster page to view sample resumes from your major and for industry specific resume formatting advice. We also recommend that you review some of the sample resumes below that showcase how students have translated military experience on their resume.

Sample Resumes:

Sample Resume