Catering Policy

ORIGINATOR: Division of Administration |September 2012 |Policy #07-01


It is the goal of the University of Rhode Island to utilize and/or promote its auxiliaries, enterprises, cost-centers, and other entrepreneurial services of the University for events and activities held at its campuses. Therefore, it is the policy of the University of Rhode Island that departments, colleges, and other users of University facilities at the Kingston and Narragansett Bay Campus utilize the catering services offered by URI Dining Services for activities on these two campuses.

If the University caterers are not able to provide the required services, an outside caterer may be utilized.

Consumption of alcohol at functions on the Kingston or Narragansett Bay Campus is prohibited unless held at the Alumni Center, Welcome Center, the Mosby Center (by special permission of the President), or at other locations approved by the President or the President’s designee. The expenditure of state funds for the purchase of alcoholic beverages is expressly prohibited. There shall be no reimbursement made with University funds for the consumption of alcoholic beverages. When the President permits the serving of alcoholic beverages at a function in University facilities, alcoholic beverages must be provided and served by URI Catering Services.


To ensure a consistent policy and procedure for the catering of food and beverages within the University’s Kingston and Narragansett Bay campuses, the term “catering” applies to the purchase and service of food, beverages, and food-related items for consumption on the University premises.


  1. Expenditures for catering services must comply with the State of Rhode Island Office of Accounts and Control Policy No. A-36 on “Payments for Coffee Breaks, Luncheons, Dinner, Etc.” guidelines for all State employees on the use of state funds and all other pertinent state and URI purchasing policies.
  2. University departments, colleges, or other users of University facilities seeking catering services:
    • a. Must secure a price for URI Catering Services which has the right of first refusal to service the event. It is not mandatory to contract the services of URI Dining for any event under $100. URI Dining Services must determine if it can service the event and must provide a quotation to the user. If Dining Services is unable to service the event, it will inform the requesting department or individual by indicating such on the Catering Waiver Form.
    • b. If Dining Services cannot provide catering, the department or user shall then it will inform the requesting department or user by indicating such on the Catering Waiver Form.
    • c. If URI Dining Services is unable to service the event, the department or customer may then use an outside vendor and must obtain proper insurance and food handling certificates for the outside food provider.
  3. The Food Handling and Vendor Policy shall apply for all catering services provided on University property of the Kingston and Bay campuses.
  4. If internal catering is waived, an external catering service must be procured through a Limited Value Purchase Order (LVPO), and compliance with instructions regarding competitive quote requirements must be followed. The waiver form must be signed by the University caterers before securing outside caterers and the waiver form shall be attached to the LVPO. Failure to do so is a violation of the LVPO requirements.

APPLICABILITY: All departments, colleges, and users of University facilities at the Kingston and Bay campuses are required to comply with this policy.