We offer the following services:

  • Couples Counseling/Marriage Counseling – couples looking to better their relationships and/or deal with concerns such as feeling distant, communication problems, conflict, affairs, trust issues, sexual dissatisfaction etc.
  • Family Counseling – families with conflict or concern about one or more member (We see the family together and members separately at times.)
  • Counseling for Children with a Family Component – a child desiring counseling or a parent desiring counseling for a child (Parents are included on an as needed basis.)
  • Private Parenting Classes/Tutorials – a parent or parents work through a parenting program with a counselor at their own pace on their own schedule (see Classes Tab for program specifics)
  • Co-parenting Mediation – in a safe and structured setting, parents work on developing a contract on how to deal with specific parenting issues
  • Individual Counseling for Relationship Issues – individuals dealing with family or relationship problems such as a break-up, poor or conflictual relationships etc.
  • Counseling for Sexual Heath Concerns – individuals or couples who are experiencing sexual dissatisfaction or concerns such as low desire, premature ejaculation, couple disagreement about the frequency of sex etc.
  • Premarital Counseling – couples who are looking to get an assessment of their relationship and work on areas of disagreement before moving to the next step
  • Relationship Enhancement – couples or families who want to find ways to strengthen their relationship(s) and build more satisfying connections[/themify_col]