Materials Engineering Minor

Program Coordinator

Irene Andreu
Assistant Professor

download the minor form (PDF)

Materials form the basis of modern life. A minor in Materials Engineering will provide you with the skills necessary to design, manufacture, and characterize the next generation of high-performance materials, including plastics, polymers, composites, ceramics, metals, and/or emerging biological materials.

Students receiving this minor will be well-situated to enter manufacturing and engineering careers and to pursue advanced research and development opportunities. The minor is intended for engineering students as well as non-engineering students with a strong science background.

Required Courses

Undergraduate students may declare a Minor in Materials Engineering by completing a minimum of 18 credit hours, at least half of which must be earned at URI. Up to 6 credits can double count towards a major and students must earn a minimum grade point average of 2.00 in these courses. Students are responsible for meeting the prerequisite requirements for individual courses, as applicable. Students must complete the Materials Engineering Minor Form and have it signed by the Coordinator, Dr. Irene Andreu.

Required Fundamental Science Courses (6 credits)

  • CHM 101 General Chemistry Lecture 1 (or CHM 103 or CHM 191)
  • PHY 204 Elementary Physics II

Required Materials Engineering Fundamentals Courses (3 credits)*

  • CHE 232 Materials Science and Engineering
  • CHE 333 Engineering Materials

Supporting Courses (9 credits)

  • BME 466/CHE 466 Biomaterials
  • CHE 476/MCE 476 Mechanics of Materials in Nuclear Applications
  • CHE 491/2 Special Problems (3 credits maximum)
  • CHE 530 Polymer Chemistry
  • CHE 531 Polymer Engineering
  • CHE 532 Ceramic Engineering
  • CHE 539 Electron and Light Microscopy of Solids
  • CHE 560 Fabrication Engineering at the Micro and Nanoscale
  • CHE 580 Surface Microanalysis (dependent on approval)
  • MCE 440 Mechanics of Composite Materials
  • MCE 576 Fracture Mechanics
  • PHY 580 Condensed Matter Physics I

*Students may take either CHE 232 or CHE 333. For engineering majors, this course must correspond with your major curriculum.