B.S. in Communicative Disorders


To be admitted to the B.S. program you must receive a grade of C or better in CMD 160, 272, and 273 and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50. In addition to general education requirements and appropriate free electives, the major includes 40 credits of required courses and nine credits of professional electives. A total of 120 credits is required for graduation.

With careful early planning, students can use free electives to achieve a double major, explore special-interest areas in depth, or apply for admission to the accelerated graduate program in speech-language pathology. Students should anticipate the necessity for graduate study in speech-language pathology. The typical minimum entry requirement for graduate study is a grade point average of 3.3 or higher.

Required courses

CMD 160Introduction to Communicative Disorders3 credits
CMD 272Auditory and Speech Mechanisms (Anatomy/physiology of the speech and hearing mechanism)3 credits
CMD 273Phonetics3 credits
CMD 276Speech Science3 credits
CMD 278Introduction to Hearing Science3 credits
CMD 361Introduction to Audiology3 credits
CMD 375Language Development3 credits
CMD 377Functional Neuroanatomy3 credits
CMD 454Rehabilitative Audiology3 credits
CMD 460Introduction to Speech and Language Disorders3 credits
CMD 465Clinical Methods in Communicative Disorders4 credits
CMD 493GCultural and Linguistics Diversity in Communicative Disorders3 credits


COM 221Interpersonal Communication3 credits
ASL 101 & 102American Sign Language3 credits
CMD 440Advanced Head and Neck Anatomy3 credits
CMD 492Special Problems (Independent Study1-3 credits
CMD 494Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders3 credits
EDC 312The Psychology of Learning3 credits
HDF 200Life Span Development I3 credits
HDF 201Life Span Development II3 credits
HDF 203Introduction to Work with Children3 credits
HDF 312Adult Development4 credits
HDF 314Introduction to Gerontology4 credits
HDF 400Child Development (Advanced Course)4 credits
HIS 117History of Medicine3 credits
LIB 150Search Strategies for the Information Age3 credits
LIB 250Information Research Across Disciplines3 credits
LIN 200Language and Culture3 credits
LIN 220Introduction to the Study of Language3 credits
PSY 200Quantitative Methods in Psychology4 credits
PSY 232Developmental Psychology3 credits
PSY 254Behavior Problems and Personality Disorders3 credits
PSY 388The Psychology of Language3 credits
PSY 442Psychology of Exceptionality3 credits
SOC 224Health Illness and Medical Care3 credits
STA 220Statistics in Modern Society3 credits