Information for Landlords

If you wish to list your property rental on our web site, please create a Landlord Account online.

After creating your landlord account, you will be able to add a property and pay online to have your property listed. The listing fee is $60. This allows you to list the property for up to six months or until we receive notification to remove the listing.

Lastly, you may post up to two photos with your listing. Photos can be uploaded directly to your account. Please only upload photos 1 megapixel in size or smaller.

List your property early.
Students typically try to find housing for the following academic year before they leave for summer vacation. Students begin looking as early as November for housing for the following academic year. In fact, our Off-Campus Housing Fair is held in October each year.

Emphasize the highlights of your property!
Some students want a place near the beach while others are looking for a quiet, more private atmosphere. Use the Additional Comments section of the Landlord Listing Form to describe what makes your property unique.

Make sure there is ample room for your tenants to park.
You’ll want to designate the number of cars allowed to park on the property. For example, how many cars are able to park in the driveway, and can students park in the grass or on the street?

Make sure your renters know when the rent will be due and how to deliver it. In addition, students typically pay between $350-600 per person, per month for rent.

Flexible lease terms.
Some students may wish to move-in earlier than the start of classes, stay through May or June, or live locally year-round. Let potential renters know if a flexible lease term is available. This may help students, especially graduate students.

This protects you as well as the student should any issues arise. Include in the lease any agreed upon restrictions. For example, if tenants do not have access to the gas grill or fireplace, state so in the leasing agreement.

Many landlords request graduate students or faculty and staff as renters.
Be mindful that there are limited numbers of them looking for off-campus housing compared to the undergraduate population.

Complete necessary paperwork for rentals based on local city ordinances.
These forms are available on our web site in Helpful Forms for Landlords.

Pets and smoking.
Be clear and upfront if pets or smokers aren’t allowed. Consider including this information in the lease.

Keep your listing up-to-date.
Call or email the Commuter Housing Office right away if your property has been rented to avoid unnecessary phone calls.  You can also “hide” your property from view on the database by selecting the “hide” option on the respective property.

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