MG Leadership Orientation

Thank you for serving as a leader for the URIMGP! Your leadership enables us to help more Rhode Islanders be successful gardeners and better stewards of the land, improving access to healthy food and strengthening the local food system. We invite you to review the information below as we create a sense of belonging for all URI Master Gardener volunteers and community members involved with our efforts. 

Step 1: View training for all leaders

All new leaders should watch these videos. Click these links for both videos.

Step 2: Review resources for all leaders

The following information has been compiled by URIMGP staff and your fellow Extension Master Gardener leaders to help you be successful in your leadership role.

  1. Project Liaison Expectations and Info (for garden projects only)
  2. Recruiting and Retention Tips 
  3. Leadership Principles
  4. Engaging and Recruiting Volunteers: A Generational Approach
  5. Creating a Sense of Belonging
  6. Identifying a Co-Leader
  7. Food System Focus Area Overview and Goals (2020-2022)
  8. JEDI Resources for URI Master Gardeners (see leader section)
  9. Virtual Volunteer Fair playlist    This is our recruitment tool for the new interns each year.  Please create a video if your project isn’t represented.  Here’s some guidelines

An important note on succession planning: The URIMGP relies on project leaders to find co-leaders and their replacements prior to stepping down from their roles.

Step 3: Review additional videos relevant to your role

3.1. Council Coordinator Orientation:

3.2. Project Liaison Orientation:

3.3. School Garden Mentor Manager

3.4. Kiosk / Soil Test Regional Manager

Step 4: Schedule a meeting with the state program leader

Once you’ve completed this training please reach out to schedule a one-on-one meeting at  We can review any questions you have related to this material and spend some time brainstorming next steps with your individual project. My job is to enable you to do good work and help make RI a better place! I, the other URI staff and your Council Coordinator are here to support you in your Master Gardener endeavors.