Capable Communities

Seas are rising and storms are intensifying.  Communities and their citizens need our help to plan, prepare, response and recover.  Also, economies of coastal states and nations are inherently linked to the sea.  For example, the Rhode Island blue economy is valued at several billion dollars according to our recent Blue Economy report.  The CRC aims to help communities become sustainable and grow revenue from its coastal and marine resources.    

But, communities must be resilient, physically and socially, and the waters will rise, perhaps during the next storm or over decades.  CRC is actively working with municipalities near its home in Rhode Island, around the U.S. and in many countries to convey science and translate it into action.  In the U.S. and abroad, CRC is building the capacity of people and programs, to respond to new and exciting opportunities or disaster when it strikes.  Below are a few example projects in our Capable Communities portfolio. To learn more or support our efforts, please contact us

Prepare for the worst.