Understanding the Blue Economy

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CRC has many types of projects. 

Some are short, focused efforts — like our recent effort to evaluate the size and scope of the RI blue economy supported by the Graduate School of Oceanography and RI Sea Grant.  Other projects are sustained for many years with multiple funding sources, like our collaboration with the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) to help develop the RI Shoreline Change Special Area Management Plan.  This work involved extensive public and stakeholder engagement, new research and the creation of new mapping tools.  The project led to changes in state policy, a mapping portal and allows residents to better understand their coastal risks. Learn more about the “Beach” SAMP project.

Focused on fisheries in Ghana

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We work around the world.  Several of our large international efforts are funded by USAID and involved close collaborations with in-country partners.  Currently, we are leading major programs in Ghana and the Philippines and are also involved in Madagascar and Malawi.  

We hope you will take some time to explore a few of our ongoing projects, perhaps one focused on a topic of concern or a place of curiosity.

Learn about some of our current projects and efforts:

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