Sustainable Seafood

Seafood is yummy.  And the seafood sector supports ~3,000  jobs in Rhode Island  (GSO/CRC Blue Economy report, 2020), and millions of fisherfolk around the world.  Also, fish and shellfish are good for you — wonderful sources of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.  Unfortunately, many wild fish and shellfish populations are depleted and need to be managed carefully.  A variety of approaches have proven to be successful at allowing populations to be maintained or increase (e.g., quotas, gear or size restrictions, or marine protected areas, MPAs), but a one-approach-fits-all does not exist.  Additionally, fisherfolk need assistance getting their product to market and maximizing revenue from their catch.   CRC is active in New England and in many developing countries on these issues.  

Farming the sea has been around for over a thousand years, but we are still learning how to do it well and safely.  Aquaculture is increasing locally and globally, providing about half of the seafood to the world according to the FAO (2020).   CRC is working on aquaculture education and training efforts domestically and internationally.  Highlighted below are a couple of example projects in our Sustainable Seafood portfolio.  To learn more or help support our efforts, please contact us. 

Please buy local seafood.