Administrative Ram Account

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How to Apply for Administrative Ram Account

  1. Read and agree to the Controller‘s guidelines for allowability of Food and Beverages using University Funds: Click Here
  2. Submit a College Requisition on eCampus and include the ARC account number 5458. You will then receive a completed Blanket PO via email to be forwarded to to complete your request. Any questions please call (401)874-4562.
  3. Read and Agree to the Administrative Ram Card policies listed below.
  4. Press the Submit button (at the bottom of this page) and complete the Application.


Administrative Ram Card Policies and Procedures Introduction:

Currently, University students utilize a declining debit account called a Ram Account. Once funds are deposited into a Ram Account a student can use their ID to make purchases at on and off-campus locations. This program is administered by URI Dining Services.

The Administrative Ram Card (ARC) emulates the student program. Once funds are deposited into an account, the Administrative Ram Card can be used for multiple transactions throughout the fiscal year without processing additional purchasing forms. However, the card is restricted to specific on-campus locations. Administrative Ram Cards will be issued to appropriate offices by URI Dining Services through the Campus Access Office only upon receipt of an approved application and requisition.


University of Rhode Island merchants are appropriate vendors to be utilized by University departments and offices in accordance with procedures and parameters (in the University manual) established by the University of Rhode Island Purchasing Department and the Office of the Controller.

Purchases at the URI locations listed below are limited to $5000 per transaction with the exception of URI Catering Services and URI Printing Services. There is no dollar limit for use at URI Catering Services. Procedures for use at the remaining locations listed below mirror those of the university LVPO procedures. Use for all URI Dining locations must be consistent with URI Guidelines for the Purchase of Food and Beverages and the Office of Accounts and Control A-36 policies.

Purchases may NOT be made at any other on or off-campus locations other than those listed below.

The ARC will expire each fiscal year and must be renewed annually.
Each department participating in the ARC program is expected to identify a card administrator for the department as a whole. The card administrator is responsible for:

  • Appropriateness of the expenditure
  • Retaining charge records/documentation/receipts for three (3) years
  • Coordination of charges to proper accounts
  • Retention of ARC statements
  • List of attendees and business purpose will need to be maintained in the department’s office and available for inspection by Internal Audit

Applicable Accounts

Accounts in Fund 100, 110, 101, 401 and Foundation are eligible to participate in this program.

Transaction Limitation

Consistent with purchasing guidelines the ARC is limited to no more than $5000 per transaction at all locations with the exception of URI Catering. The requisition itself, however, has no dollar limit. Rather it is the single transaction that is limited.

State of Rhode Island Food Policy

Per the State of Rhode Island policy, use of State Funds for purchase of food is limited. This policy particularly relates to the use of the ARC at The Ram’s Den, Butterfield Dining Hall, and Hope Commons. When the ARC is used in these facilities, the user must notify Dining Services and identify the participants and the reason the card is being used for the purchase of meals prior to the event. Carefully read the attached policy from the Office of the State Controller. In the event that you may have questions regarding the interpretation of this policy, please call the URI Controller’s Office for clarification.

Approved ARC Merchants


  • URI Dining Services Catering Services
  • Ram’s Den (special arrangements)
  • Butterfield Dining Hall (special arrangements)
  • Hope Commons (special arrangements)
  • URI Vended Printing/Copying Device Locations at Kingston Campus
  • Library Computer Lab (Room LL4)
  • Memorial Union Computer Lab (Room 315)
  • Quinn Computer Lab (Room 217)
  • Ballentine Computer Lab (Room 240)
  • Language Lab Resource Room (Swan Hall Room 301)
  • Chafee Room 101
  • Library Lower Level (near base of central staircase)
  • Library 24-hour room
  • Library Second Floor (near Special Collections)
  • Library Third Floor (near central staircase)
  • Kirk Computer Lab (Room 203)
  • White Hall Second Floor (Room 205)
  • Library Resource Online Center (first floor)
  • Fine Arts Computer Lab (Room F102)
  • Chafee Instructional Tech. Center (Room 207)
  • Woodward Computer Lab (Room 6 – CELS ONLY)

Other Campus Locations


  • URI Bookstore
  • Campus Copy and Design
  • Ram Computers (limited items)
  • URI Printing Services

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