Meal Plans and Benefits:

  • URI Dining Services consists of Mainfare & Butterfield Dining Halls, multiple Dining Services Retail Outlets on campus, and including URI Dining Campus Mobile Orders.
  • CAMPUS MEAL PLANS allow for an unlimited number of Dining Hall entries (meals) per week for the academic semester. There are no refunds for uneaten meals and no transfer of uneaten meals to another student.
  • FLEX MEAL PLANS allow for al-la-carte payments throughout Dining Services.
  • All MEAL PLANS are accessible only by the account holder (the authorized user). Any guests must be accompanied by the account holder at all times.
  • ALL MEAL PLANS for FALL ’24 are active August 30, 2024 through December 20, 2024.
  • Mainfare and Butterfield Dining Halls feature unlimited portions while dining on-site. All meals must be consumed in the Dining Hall; no food is allowed to be taken out except Mobile orders may be taken to-go regardless of venue.
  • Access to your meal plan benefits is only available through the use of a computerized, valid University of Rhode Island Identification Card and Biometric Hand Recognition, Mobile ID, or through our dedicated Grubhub URI Campus Mobile ordering system. Meal Plan benefits and Student Identification Cards may only be used by the person to whom they are issued (the Authorized User) and are non-transferrable.
  • Portions of unused Campus Meal Plans benefits roll over from Fall semester into Spring semester. The benefits included in the roll over are: Dining Dollars and Ram Account. Unlimited meal swipes and guest meals do not roll over from one semester to another.  Only one Campus Plan may be purchased per semester. Any remaining Flex Plan benefits at the end of the Fall Semester roll over to your Spring semester. All benefits expire at the end of the Spring semester. If your Flex Plan runs out before the semester ends, you may purchase another at that time.

Renewing, Changing, or Canceling Your Meal Plan:

  • All Meal Plans are for the full academic year and purchased by the semester. Any student required to have an active meal plan: Your Fall semester selection will automatically be duplicated for the following Spring semester unless you choose a different plan within the Meal Plan Change Period (open through the beginning of each semester). Eligibility requirements for meal plans must be considered when making your selection. The default meal plan is the Campus Plus.
  • If you are moving off-campus or withdrawing from school, you may be eligible to file a Meal Plans Cancellation Request. If approved, the actual cancellation date will be determined by the release date from your Housing contract. Cancellation fees apply.

Tenders and Pricing:

  • Dining Hall Entry Fees (Mainfare and Butterfield):
    Breakfast = $10.00;
    Lunch/Brunch = $12.50, and
    Dinner = $14.00
    applicable to Flex Plan holders, cash or credit card customer, and guests. Campus Plan Holders have unlimited access and do not pay the per-entry fee for these facilities.
  • Dining Retail Outlets: Prices as posted per item.
  • Dining Service Accepts: Meal Plan Swipes, Dining Dollars, Flex Swipes, Guest Swipes, Ram Account, Credit Cards, and Cash* (*at most locations).

Dining Dollars:

  • Dining Dollars may be used, instead of cash or credit cards, at any Dining Services location (Dining Halls entry fees, Dining Services Retail Outlets, and Dining Services Mobile Orders). Dining Dollars included in Campus Plans are portioned semesterly.  Dining Dollars included in Flex Plans are available in full at the time the plan becomes active. Plan holders may also use Dining Dollars to pay for their guest’s Dining Hall entries, Dining Service’s Retail Outlet purchases, or mobile orders. The account holder must be present for all transactions, including Dining Mobile Order pickups.
  •  Dining Dollars funds may be increased at anytime for an additional out-of-pocket cost to an existing meal plan.

Ram Account:

  • Ram Account is a debit account (not a meal plan) and allows students to make purchases at participating campus-wide locations (including anywhere throughout Dining Services, the Campus Store, Ryan Center, library printers, and some vending machines and laundry facilities), as well as with participating off campus retailers. Ram Account may not be used as a substitute for meal plan since Ram Account does not cover the operational costs of the semester.
  • You may add Ram Account funds at any time in person, online, by phone, or at one of our self-service kiosks on campus. Ram Account balances transfer from year to year until a student withdraws or graduates, at which time a student may request a refund of the unused balance less a $10.00 service charge.
  • Ram Account may also be used to pay items or entry fees for your guests. Account holder must be present.
  • Ram Account balances remaining at the end of each semester will transfer to the next semester. Funds are available year round, and can also be used for GrubHub off-campus mobile ordering nationwide.

Facilities and Customer:

  • You must be enrolled in our Biometric Hand Recognition database to use your Campus Meal Plan at MAINFARE & BUTTERFIELD halls. Biometric enrollment takes place at First Year Student Orientation or at the Campus ID & Dining Office in the Memorial Union.
  • Meal Plans privileges are non-transferable and Plan Holders must be present with their guests in all Dining facilities. URI ID cards presented by any person other than the one pictured will be confiscated.
  • There is a $20.00 fee to replace a lost or stolen card. Remember: your Ram Account funds are accessible through your I.D. card, so report lost or stolen cards immediately to and come to the Campus ID & Dining Office as soon as possible (visit their website to check current office hours).
  • Some Dining Halls and/or retail facilities may be closed or have limited hours during Holidays, J-Term, Spring Break, and Early Move-in Periods, limiting access to meal plan benefits.
  • Customers agree to abide by the University Student Conduct System.
  • Appropriate attire is required at all times, including shirts and shoes.
  • Removal of any and all Dining hall property is prohibited, including service ware, utensils, chairs, tables, carts, signs holder, etc.
  • Solicitation in, or commercial use of, a Dining Facility by any person is strictly forbidden. Students shall not place any signs, or other advertising matter upon or in the windows, doors, hallways or outside the building without written consent of the building manager.
  • The University is not liable for damage or loss of any student’s personal property left unattended from any cause whatsoever.
  • Only registered service animals are allowed to enter Dining Services facilities, emotional support animals are not service animals. Service animals by law are limited to dogs and miniature horses and should have an identifying harness.