Hydroponics Indoor Grow System

In partnership with Babylon Micro-Farms

Dining Services’ Hydroponics Program

Growing right in our dining halls, sustainable, fresh, and always on-hand, this system will reduce procurement time and product costs!


  • Herbs
  • Salad greens
  • Tomatoes



The Future of Gardening is Here

Nothing tastes better than fresh cut produce. Imagine growing our own organic lettuce in the dead of winter. Imagine eating that fresh, crisp lettuce grew with very little effort. These patented grow racks makes this possible and let’s us grow food year round. web.uri.edu/dining/terraponics

Why Grow Our Own Food?

Growing our own food ensures food safety and saves money. Our food will be fresher and of higher quality than through the supply chain. Greens from traditional suppliers spend as long as a week in a truck before they get to you, losing freshness along the way. Babylon produce is harvested minutes or hours before serving, so the texture is crisp and the flavor unbeatable. 

Growing with Terraponics

Our indoor grow rack system uses terraponics, not hydroponics or aquaponics, to grow plants 25% – 75% faster than supplier estimates. While hydroponics requires technical knowledge and training, terraponics needs minimum instruction.

The Super Grow System Requires Very Little Maintenance

After the initial time invested in planting your desired plant products it is simply a matter of watering when necessary. Depending on the temperature and humidity in its environment and the amount of the plants require for growth you may only need to water the system once every 3 to 7 days.

What’s Different?

Other systems trick the plant into believing it is in soil by adding different nutrients to a water bath. Many food plants can’t be grown in these systems. 2445’s system can grow almost any plant in our special primitive soil system, producing healthy, strong, nutrient dense plants.

  • Less than 1% of all American crops are organic
  • Only .6% of American crops are organic and without genetic modification  (Based on the most recent data collected from Organic-World.Net)
  • Babylon greens have over 50% more calcium and 175% more
    magnesium than greens you’d find at a grocery store. Visit this page for more on
    nutrition stats.
  • Field-grown produce runs the risk of exposure to pesticides and
    bacteria like E. coli. Babylon produce is grown in an enclosed system, so the risk
    of exposure to harmful bacteria is vastly reduced. And of course you never have
    to worry about pesticides

Recycling the Soil

After harvesting your plants, the soil can be mixed with amendments that will restore the balance in the soil, or composted and used again in 60 days.

  • Harvest some crops in just 18 days
  • Grow year round
  • Energy efficient
  • From soil to seeds all 100% organic
  • Primitive toxin-free soil