Facility Use Policy

The equipment provided by the Engineering Computer Center is for the use of authorized students, faculty and staff in support of academic related activities.

Responsible use of the computer systems is expected. Irresponsible use of computer facilities interferes with the academic work of others. Some examples of irresponsible use include the following:

  • intentionally damaging the system;
  • damaging information not belonging to you;
  • knowingly misusing system resources or allowing misuse of system resources;
  • exhibiting loud, lewd, or rowdy behavior;
  • downloading, transmitting or making accessible material which may be viewed by others as offensive, harassing, or sexually suggestive.

All computer users should help monitor and maintain a professional atmosphere in which everyone can work effectively. Anyone observing misuse should report the incident to the Computer Operator on duty or the Director of the Computer facility.

Repeat violators will have their computing privileges withdrawn and be referred to the University Student Discipline System as defined in the URI Student Handbook.

Adopted by the Computer Center Advisory Committee, April 7, 1999
Adopted by the Engineering Diversity Committee, March 29, 1999 
Adopted by the College of Engineering Faculty, April 30, 1999