Would you like to work in the ECC?  I hire new student operators each fall. I am looking for students who can work a few days a week manning the lab between 8am and 10pm M-F with smaller blocks on the weekend. The basic duties of the student operator is to watch over the lab and troubleshoot problems that may happen with the lab machines, printers and student accounts. Special projects involve installing the new year’s versions of engineering software on the lab computers, cloning and distributing to the 200 computers in 9 labs, investigating and repairing broken equipment in the lab, and adding functionality to the student profile system.

I need people who have a strong interest in computers and who are motivated to learn new things about computer hardware, networking, software management and unix server maintenance.

I am attaching the job application link below. If you would like to apply, you can fill it out and I will review it. We should also have a quick 10-20 minute interview for me to try and judge your computer skill level and interests. I’ll be doing those in the first few weeks of the semester. Let me know when you are available in that period and we can setup a time.

ECC Job Application

-Alfred, ECC Manager