Michael DiNardi


Mike DiNardi is a health and labor economist, and he received his PhD in economics from the University of Connecticut in 2018. He is broadly interested in issues and policies that affect disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in society. Mike’s current research has focused on technology and health, obesity, health behaviors, and the effects of healthcare-related public policies.

Outside of economics, Mike enjoys playing guitar, attending concerts, hockey, and cooking.


Health and Labor Economics.


PhD, University of Connecticut, 2018

Selected Publications

DiNardi, M., Guldi, M., and Simon, D. 2019. Body weight and Internet access: evidence from the rollout of broadband providers. Journal of Population Economics, 32(3): 877-913

DiNardi, M. 2021. Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansions and the Nurse Labor Market. Southern Economic Journal, 88(1): 367-398.