The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Office is responsible for the development and implementation of programs aimed at protecting the safety and well-being of the University community as well as maintaining compliance with Federal, state and local occupational safety and health and environmental regulations.

waste pickup calendar

Waste Pickup Calendar


Hazardous Waste Pickup online form (for haz waste ONLY): Request for Hazardous Waste Pick-Up
Biowaste Pickup online form (for Biowaste ONLY): Biohazardous Waste Pickup Request form
MondayJune 3
TuesdayJune 4
WednesdayJune 5Biowaste Pickup
NO Hazardous Waste Pickup
ThursdayJune 6Note: Hazardous waste pickups have permanently moved to every Wednesday
FridayJune 7
MondayJune 10
TuesdayJune 11
WednesdayJune 12 Hazardous Waste Pickup
NO Biowaste Pickup
ThursdayJune 13Note: Hazardous waste pickups have permanently moved to every Wednesday
FridayJune 14

June hazardous waste pickups are scheduled for June 12 and June 26 only. Please check this calendar for changes to the waste pickup schedule during summer months

Safety Policy

Every member of the faculty, staff, and student body at the University is responsible for complying with established health and safety regulations, for taking necessary precautions to prevent injury to one’s self and to others, for promptly reporting all accidents, injuries, hazardous conditions, practices, and operating procedures to the Environmental Health and Safety Office and for constantly practicing sound safety principles in whatever activities are undertaken on campus.

Read URI’s Official Policy on Environmental Health and Safety