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Access Box Keys 02.109.1 Administration and Finance
Every URI building shall be outfitted with a secure access box containing keys to all areas of the building. The Building Manager, or designated responsible party, for each facility shall be charged with ensuring that the access box keys are kept up to date, following Procedures established for that purpose.
Adverse Weather and Other Emergencies 01.110.1 General/Governance
During adverse weather, natural disasters, or any other Emergencies, the State of Rhode Island or the University of Rhode Island may determine it is necessary to close or curtail operations. The Governor of the State of Rhode Island alone has the authority to determine whether or not there shall be a change in normal statewide […]
Allocation and Utilization of Space 02.115.2 Administration and Finance Procedure
All University of Rhode Island land, facilities, and buildings belong to the University as a whole. The University has the authority and responsibility to allocate space to specific departments for definite periods of time, to review these allocations periodically, to assess utilization, and to reallocate space as needed.
Animals on Campus 01.104.3 General/Governance
For reasons of safety, liability, health, and sanitation, no animals of any type are allowed in any building on University Property, with the following exceptions: 1. Service Animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment of 2008 and the Department of Justice, Office of Civil Rights. 2. An approved Emotional Support Animal. An […]
Approval and Execution of Contracts and Other Binding Documents 01.014.1 Board of Trustees Policy
This policy applies to all Contracts between the University of Rhode Island or the University of Rhode Island Board of Trustees (also, Board of Trustees) and an outside party and to Other Binding Documents involving the University or Board of Trustees and an outside party. This policy does not apply to internal University transactions or […]
Awarding of Honorary Degrees 01.006.1 Board of Trustees Policy
An honorary degree is one of higher education’s most significant accolades. The University of Rhode Island (also, “University”) awards honorary degrees at its annual Commencement ceremony on a selective basis to distinguished individuals who merit special recognition by meeting the criteria and eligibility requirements specified below. The selection of individuals to receive honorary degrees from […]
Board of Trustees Policy on Policies 01.004.1 Board of Trustees Policy
The University of Rhode Island Board of Trustees (the Board), working in collaboration with the President and the faculty through its representative Faculty Senate, is responsible for ensuring that the University of Rhode Island (the University) meets its educational goals as articulated in the institution’s mission. The Board is responsible for issuing high-level guidance and […]
Board of Trustees Remote Meeting Participation 01.005.2 Board of Trustees Policy
The University of Rhode Island Board of Trustees (also, Board of Trustees) acknowledges that attendance at Meetings is essential for Members to perform their official duties and requires its Members to be present for all Meetings, except under extenuating circumstances that prevent a Member from being present at a Meeting.  In accordance with the Open […]
Building Address and Room Identification 02.104.1 Administration and Finance Procedure
The official Street Address of every building on URI property shall be determined by the Office of Space Allocation and Analysis office in consultation with the Department of Public Safety.
Collection and Use of COVID-19 Related Health Screening and Safety Information 01.106.3 General/Governance
This policy describes the types of COVID-19 Related Health Screening and Safety Information, including individual self-reported health status and symptom information, and individual campus location information that the University collects and maintains. It further describes the ways in which that data may be used by the University to protect the health and safety of all […]
Found 49 results