Industrial and Systems Engineering, Ph.D.

Areas of Concentration

Service and Enterprise Systems: Project planning and management in systems engineering; systems simulation; quality systems; lean systems; design and analysis of experiments; nonlinear systems optimization.

Manufacturing Systems: Computer-aided manufacturing systems; manufacturing systems: analysis, design, and simulation; product design for manufacture; quality systems; design and analysis of experiments; production control and inventory systems; lean systems.

Admission Requirements

M.S. degree in engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, or management science. Although a person with a bachelor’s degree may be admitted, this program is designed principally for people who have master’s degrees.

Program Requirements

Completion of a minimum of 12 credits of course work beyond the master’s degree. Additional course work may also be required depending on the background. Three credits of course work must be taken outside of the student’s area of specialization, and approval of this course lies with the student’s doctoral committee. Mathematics or computer science courses are normally not considered as outside of any student’s area of specialization. Additional course work may also be required as a result of the candidacy review (see below). A minimum of 22 credits of doctoral dissertation is to be taken under ISE 699. Comprehensive examination and dissertation. Students with exceptional records holding only a bachelor’s degree can apply for a direct doctoral program. The requirements for this program are essentially the same as for a regular Ph.D., except that the master’s thesis requirement is waived. A minimum of 64 credits are required that would include 33-36 credits of course work. Nine of these credits may be at the 400 level. The remaining 28 – 31 credits would then be taken as doctoral dissertation under ISE 699. Students will be required to satisfy the master’s core requirements of their respective tracks. Comprehensive examination and dissertation.

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