Application FAQ

Q: What are the minimum requirements for the TOEFL and GRE scores?
• We only require GRE scores from students who did not graduate from U.S. colleges/universities. We do not have absolute minimums for the GRE; we consider all applications holistically. GRE scores are only one part of this equation for international students. In general, we expect the Quantitative GRE scores to be in the 90th percentile range.
• The Graduate School determines TOEFL minimums; please refer to this information for international students.
Q: What options do I have for financing my degree?
• The department awards both teaching and research assistantships (T.A. and R.A., respectively). These assistantships cover tuition, fees, and stipend. The award of T.A. or R.A. does not happen during the application process. After being admitted into the program, you need to contact individual faculty in your research area of interest to inquire about the possibility of securing T.A. or R.A. to work on your degree under their supervision.
Q: What is the priority deadline in order to be considered for financial support?
• The Department does not have cut-off dates for T.A. or R.A. awards. However, the sooner you are accepted into the program, the more chance you would have to secure R.A. or T.A.
Q: Is it necessary to contact faculty members to find an advisor before applying or enrolling in the program?
• No, it is not necessary to contact faculty before enrollment into the programs. The graduate studies director can serve as your temporary advisor, whom you need to consult with to choose appropriate courses.
• However, it would be advantageous for you to find a graduate advisor as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary work.