Mechanical Engineering, M.S.

Admission Requirements

B.S. degree in mechanical engineering, applied mechanics, aerospace engineering, or a related field such as engineering science, civil engineering, applied mathematics, or applied physics. Students admitted to the program will be expected to have the equivalent of MCE 372.

Program Requirements

  • Thesis and nonthesis options — 30 total credits including. Only 9 credits of 400-level course work are allowed. Students must take one course from each of the three department core areas. Full-time students must enroll in graduate seminar, MCE 501 and 502, each semester.
  • Thesis Option – 21-24 credits of course work (exclusive of seminar) and 6-9 credits of thesis research under MCE 599.
  • Non-Thesis Option – Available only for part-time students. 30 credits of course work with one course requiring a substantial paper involving a significant independent study, and a written comprehensive examination.