Mr. Gianfranco Milani

Gianfranco Milani is managing director at Grastim JV Srl, an energy service company based in Naples, Italy and operating for on-site high-efficiency generation solution for primary multinational industry customers. He contributed to the establishment of this business in 2006 applying previous experience within facility management and maintenance services for public users, mostly universities and hospital premises.

Since 2008 he has directed engineering and technical services and developed a robust track record of experiences within the food & beverage and personal care industrial categories. Since 2013 he has been taking growing levels of responsibilities leading to his appointment as the company’s managing director. The company has started to act on global scale, growing throughout the European region (UK, Spain, Germany, Portugal).

He is the president of the US branch, a new subsidiary that the parent company has created to develop its customer-oriented energy business in North America. His education is a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering.